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About Us

Who are we ?


FitMalaysia X is fat loss program initiated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in early 2020. With Malaysia leading the race to become the fattest country in South East Asia, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, alongside its sporting agencies, aspire to create a healthy, fit, prosperous and disease-free society for a better future.

Being the nation’s leader in science, medicine and technology in sports, National Sports Institute has opened its doors of experts from various fields for communities to benefit from. Having the expertise that it possesses, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has agreed to let National Sports Institute to conduct this program for the betterment of all Malaysians’ well-being. Therefore, whether it be wellness, medicine or sports specific training, communities can now be treated by the best in their respective fields. 


  • FitMalaysia X is a wellness program powered by National Sports Institute that focuses on fat loss and inspire communities to live in a healthier habits.


  • A team of certified and dedicated ISN trainers aim to educate the general population about the importance of physical fitness, well balanced meal and transform the way of living as a whole.


  • The program is sustainable where our goal is to encourage Malaysians to come together and begin a journey of positive, lasting change. To move more, to eat well, to overcome their challenges and to reach what they never thought possible.


  • Providing busy employees and executives the opportunities to improve their health without sacrificing time with their loved ones.



To reduce obesity rate and chronic illnesses within the communities and make wellness accessible to all.


Setting a new standard for healthy living for families and communities around Malaysia.

What we offer

Quality Workout

Providing scientific based exercises at your doorstep. Leaving you smiling even after a sweaty workout.

Healthy Nutrition Plan

Nutritional guidelines from our own nutritionist in National Sports Institute, Malaysia.


Challenge your limits and smash your fitness goals with us!

Catered To Your Needs

Whether you are just starting out or well on your way, we have the workouts for you.